Is there an exchange to buy and sell DEC?

You can swap Cosmos-based DEC (which is interchangeable with our Native DEC token) on Osmosis. Using Keplr, DEC acquired on Osmosis can be transferred seamlessly to our mainnet to stake at 20% APY. Staking is possible from within the Decentr browser for now, so it'll be necessary for you to have Native DEC to accomplish this.

Here is a video guide to help you set up Keplr and use Osmosis.

We also have our legacy ERC20-based DEC, which can be purchased on an exchange such as Ascendex or Uniswap and then swapped to native through the use of dSwap, although we plan to move away from ERC20 due to the high transaction fees. To learn how to use dSwap, check out our video tutorial, or medium write-up.

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