How do I earn DEC?

DEC can be earned by a few different methods.

Firstly, you just need to use the Decentr browser like you would any other. When visiting a variety of websites on a regular basis, your PDV (personal data value) will increase. Approximately once per month, a reward pool of 200,000 DEC is distributed amongst all users, based on this PDV rate. The higher this rate, the more DEC you will receive as a reward.

Secondly, you can earn DEC through our referral program. Refer a friend to download, install and use Decentr, and you'll be rewarded 10 DEC. More about our referral program can be found here > Decentr Referral Program

Lastly, you can swap from a Cosmos token such as OSMO or ATOM (both acquirable from a CEX) to DEC on Osmosis. DEC from Osmosis can be swapped to mainnet with very low fees.

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