Importing bookmarks and passwords into Decentr from Brave

While it's a simple process to import data from Firefox into Decentr, importing from Brave is a little more complex. In this guide you'll see how it can be done.

Starting with bookmarks;

Firstly in Brave, navigate to the menu on the top-right.

Then to Bookmark manager.

Now you'll go to the menu within Bookmark manager.

Then click Export bookmarks.

You'll be prompted to save the bookmark HTML file. Save it in a place that you can easily navigate to later on.

Now let's move over to Decentr. Open the menu within Decentr, and go to Bookmarks, then click Import bookmarks and settings.

In the next window, you'll need to select Bookmarks HTML file from the drop down list.

Click Choose file, and find the HTML file that you exported from Brave.

That's all there is to it! All bookmarks that you had in Brave will now be stored in the Decentr bookmark manager.

Importing passwords


In Brave, go to the menu on the right.

Scroll down to Settings.

On the left, open Additional settings, then click Auto-fill.

Then Auto-fill once again.

Click More actions on the right, then Export passwords.

Save this file somewhere safe. Note that the passwords in this CSV file are stored in plain-text! After you have imported your passwords into Decentr, we highly recommend securely deleting this file afterwards!

That's everything with Brave, so we'll jump back to Decentr.

In the address bar, type in decentr://flags. This is a page where you can toggle experimental Chromium-based features. We'll want to enable Password import, so either Ctrl+F or in the Search flags window, type in Password import, then enable it.

You'll need to relaunch Decentr for the changes to take effect.

Now after restarting, go to settings inside Decentr.

Click Auto-fill on the left.

Then Passwords.

Where you see Saved Passwords about halfway down the page, click the menu on the right, then Import.

Find and select the CSV file that you exported from Brave, and you're done!

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