How do I stake?

Staking native DEC can be done either in the Decentr Browser, or in the Ping.Pub wallet.

To stake using the browser, you'll need to have it downloaded and installed, and also have created an account. You'll also need some DEC in your wallet that you'd like to stake.

DEC can be obtained in several ways, earned from monthly PDV rewards, referral rewards, or bought on an exchange in the form of ERC20 DEC then swapped to native DEC.

Head over to the Staking tab in either the Charon extension, or from dPortal.

It's up to you to select which validator you'd like to stake with. The main factor to consider, is the commission kept by the validator. This is the portion kept by the validator, when staking rewards are given out. Validators with a lower commission, may attract more staking, but there is also a potential risk of jailing/slashing to consider.

Just click on the name of your chosen validator, and enter in the amount you'd like to stake. There is a small fee required for the transaction, so ensure you have enough DEC in your wallet to pay this fee in addition. staking can be done using any desktop browser that supports Keplr.

First, navigate to, and click wallet in the top right corner.

Then click 'Connect Wallet'.

Make sure Keplr is selected, then click next.

Keplr will ask you to approve the integration.

Select Decentr from the list of available chains, enter an account name, then click next.

Click 'Save' in the next window.

You'll be taken to the accounts screen. Click the little drop down arrow underneath Decentr, then select Details.

Then select Delegate.

In the next window, you'll select a validator and staking amount. Click Send.

Keplr will once again ask for approval for the transaction.

The transaction will process, and should complete in a few seconds.

In the top right corner of, click your account name, then My Delegations.

You'll see any delegations you've made on Ping.Pub, on this page.