Bridging ETH to DEC

This guide will demonstrate how to bridge ETH to DEC, for usage on our mainnet. Follow these steps carefully.

Firstly, you'll need a MetaMask wallet with an amount of ETH inside, and the MetaMask extension installed in Decentr.

Secondly, an active Keplr wallet, with it's extension installed in Decentr.

To begin, go to MetaMask, click swap, and we'll need to swap from ETH to WETH.

Enter the desired amount and click review swap. You'll see a quote for estimated gas fees. Click Swap.

You'll see that you now have WETH in Metamask.

Over to, which is a bridge between various chains, you'll need to connect your MetaMask and Keplr wallets. Click 'connect wallet' under both the source and destination fields. MetaMask and Keplr will ask for approval.

Now, for the source chain, select Ethereum, and for the destination, Gravity Bridge.

Click Select token, and find your WETH. If you don't see any funds associated with WETH, your swap transaction might still be in processing.

Choose the amount you'd like to swap, and click Transfer. A confirmation window will appear for you to verify the transaction details. Click Transfer again.

A few different windows will appear from MetaMask, asking you to confirm the transaction, and the final gas fee.